Please watch the beautiful video below that was made
for Talitha Koum by a volunteer, Chris Loh.
It uses gorgeous images to illustrate perfectly the spirit
of Talitha Koum and what we're all about.

Stephanie shares her story

A courageous young woman has seen fit to share her story with a volunteer writer and we gratefully post it here to celebrate her victory and to continue our support of her journey.
read more about Stephanie's path by clicking here...

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Who We Are

The Talitha Koum Society accepts women who would be rejected by other halfway houses on the basis of their being "too difficult to handle". The women who go through our program have a success rate of over 45% one year after graduation.

This is Talitha Koum, started and staffed by women who have been in the same situation or worse than the women we take into our houses. Come be a part of what we're doing.